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Newsletter – 03 October 2016

Dear Parents / Carers,

It is hard to believe that we have already been back to school for a month. Autumn has certainly arrived and the children are settled into routines and are working hard across the curriculum. This morning we have been practising songs for our Harvest Festival celebrations and the academic year is certainly well underway. It was lovely to see so many of you at our Meet the Teacher Evening, Phonics Workshop and Early Years Coffee Morning. Thank you for taking time to support your children and the staff.

Harvest Appeal

Thank you to everyone who has donated food for this year’s Harvest Appeal ready for our Harvest Festival Celebration in the Church on Wednesday 5th October at llam. You are most welcome to join us for our Harvest Celebration at the Church and if you have any further donations of food for the Trussell Trust Appeal please bring them to school tomorrow Tuesday 4th October.

Commissioning of Headteacher

A reminder that on Sunday 9th October at 10:30am I will be commissioned as Headteacher of Netheravon All Saints in Netheravon Church. Rev. Gale Hunt wishes to extend an invitation to you all; staff, governors, parents and children to attend the service if you are able. Community cohesion and a sense of working with and for the community are hugely important to me and it would be wonderful to share this celebration with as many of you as possible.


Unfortunately we have had several issues with parking over the last couple of weeks. We appreciate that there are a lot of cars and limited space, but please be mindful of other drivers and most of all our children’s safety. It saddens me to have to inform you that a car was hit whilst parked on site and not reported to a member of staff or to the owner of the car. This has caused unnecessary upset and frustration. We have also had an incident which nearly caused an accident due to people driving the wrong way around the turning circle. Please be reminded we use a one way system around the central turning circle to avoid collisions or other accidents. Please keep the turning circle free of cars as the school bus cannot move off of the school site if cars are parked in the way.

Using the Path

A concern has been reported by a number of parents as to the safety of our children as they walk out of the school and through the village. Please encourage your children to use all pathways instead of walking on the road. This is especially important around the bend by the garage and church as it is sometimes difficult for oncoming traffic to see and we want to ensure our children are kept safe at all times.

It appears that many of our children have already misplaced several school jumpers. As you will all be aware, jumpers are not cheap to replace and we need to encourage the children to be responsible for all items of clothing. I would request that you have a look at home to ensure that you have your child’s jumpers and return any jumpers which do not belong to your child. Please ensure that your child’s jumpers and cardigans are clearly named to avoid confusion.


The new homework system is now in place for Years Two to Six. Most children seem to have understood the new grid system and are producing some wonderful pieces of homework. A reminder that in addition to maths passports, spellings and reading, the children are to complete ONE piece of homework from the grid per week and hand it in on a Friday. The children are expected to complete the chosen piece to a high standard and take pride in their work.

Outgrown Football boots and PE Kit

If you have any PE kits or football boots which your child has outgrown and no longer needs, could we request that you donate it to the school so that other children could benefit from them? Football boots are particularly needed and we appreciate that children do grow out of them quickly so any donations we could make use of would be gratefully received.

School Bus

If your child travels to or from school on the bus, it is important to note that Passenger Transport have advised us that bus drivers are not responsible for ensuring your child is safely strapped into their seat. Due to safeguarding regulations, the bus drivers are not employed to fasten the children’s seatbelts. It is vital that parents ensure their child is safely belted into their seats before the bus departs. Members of staff from Netheravon All Saints will ensure your child’s seatbelt is in place before they leave school at the end of the day.

We thank you for your continued support and for working with our staff to make Netheravon All Saints a safe and happy place to be.

Kind regards

Ms. L. Tight, Headteacher

Download: Netheravon All Saints Newsletter – 03 October 2016/Updates