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After School Pick-up Arrangements

Dear Parents/ Carers,

What a busy term we have had!  The children have taken part in lots of exciting and engaging activities and have set about all aspects of learning with enthusiasm and willingness. Special congratulations go to Year 6 for the amazing amount of effort they put into SATs week and how they coped with the tests. We are all very proud of you.

There are some new arrangements for picking children up at the end of the school day which will be put into place after this coming half term holiday, (Tuesday 6th June).

At the end of the school day (3.15pm), all children will be taken out onto the playground by their class teacher. The adult responsible for picking your child up must collect them from the class teacher to ensure we know the child has been collected and responsibility of the child is passed to the adult collecting.

If your child has not been collected by 3.25pm then they will be brought back into the school building by the class teacher. If there is a legitimate reason why you cannot collect your child by 3.25pm, then we will keep your child in the Reception area for you to collect. Otherwise your child will be put into after school club and charged for the time they spend there.

Any agreements made for children to walk home from school or collected by another minor, must be in written form, from you as a parent and agreed by the Headteacher.

The school gates will be locked promptly at 3.30pm. We have a need to make this new rule for a number of reasons. There have been a number of instances between children who have become hurt after 3.15pm and the area of responsibility for these issues is somewhat unclear. The school grounds are also used by members of staff and external providers for clubs and it is not safe for there to be an excess of children while these clubs are running. The After School Club also have an entitlement to use the outside space which is proving difficult with so many people still on site after 3.30pm.

We appreciate that it is a good opportunity for children to play together after school but due to rigorous safeguarding rules and the fact there are parks nearby for children to spend time together in, we must insist that this new rule is enforced. We as a school are responsible for the children and their welfare between 8.55am and 3.15pm but the responsibility lies with you the parents and guardians outside of these times.

Thank you for your co-operation on the matter and I wish you all a very happy and restful half term.

Kind regards

Ms Lisa Tight, Headteacher